"... I really like the intensity and provocative use of subject matter and narrative contained within each image. His visual language is also very compelling. The use of collage is most appropriate regarding his compositional juxtapositions, striking contrasts and strong colors. Altogether a great production!"

Professor Alan Male, Academic . Author . Illustrator - Author of "The power and influence of illustration", Bloomsbury publisher.

"Pierre-Paul is a self taught artist who pushes boundaries with his bold, vibrant visual articulations of thoughts, moods and emotions. Whilst similar to Warhol and Lichenstein in discipline he certainly puts his own stamp on the pop art style. "

Cordelia Hawkins - The interview magazine


“... we're tripping out on the work of Montreal artist Pierre-Paul Pariseau. His mixed-media art
and illustration reminds us of everything and nothing at the same time—familiar yet odd,
comfortable yet surreal—Pariseau works with some of our favorite juxtapositions. ”

Kristin Farr - Juxtapoz magazine


“Pierre-Paul Pariseau's 15 minutes of fame is in progress. It should last the rest of
his lifetime. His illustrative style is his own. And it is timeless.”

Candide McDonald - Creative (Australia) magazine

“Whether it’s books, magazines, newspapers, posters, CD covers or children’s publications,
Montreal-based creative Pierre-Paul Pariseau knows how to captivate with his illustrations,
how to draw the observer in, even before he has read a line of text.”

Bettina Schulz - Novum magazine

“His stark, cartoon-ish juxtapositions may excite, enthrall, confound, offend, inspire and
charm all at once. That may sound a little exaggerated, a little unlikely, even; but fact of
the matter is, even ‘exaggerated’ and ‘unlikely’ are fitting adjectives.”  

Spencer Higgs - Art Nouveau magazine

“Canadian-based and internationally award-winning mixed media illustrator Pierre-Paul Pariseau..
.... pulls the elements of his images from existing composition, his end product–often resembling
 a highly-saturated, slightly Warholian reading of Magritte—completely transforms not only the
original forms with which he works but also the very concept and purpose of collage. The
surrealist juxtaposition of the animal and the human, the digitized incarnation of what is
a traditionally paper-and-glue medium, the unnatural colors blending with naturalist form;
all of these contrasting elements merge into a uniquely modern– uniquely Pariseau – image.”

Carrie Fillipetti- Gadly magazine

"Pariseau’s high contrast, dynamic style has been in development for over 20 years. Originally a
cut and paste designer Pariseau moved into Photoshop over 15 years ago and since then has been
creating images that have a cartoonish exaggeration, a garish quality that brings to mind the over
blown imagery of Las Vegas, old school film posters, the juxtaposition of imagery creating a series
of sign posts that encourage us to create a narrative of our own making.

He has been collecting images for years which he now scans and alters through multi-media layering
and black-and-white contrasts until they become rich, colour saturated illustrations that have a
stream of consciousness hinting at stories, ideas and thoughts on the world about him, a world of

Moray - Mutantspace arts skills exchange


“His artwork is both consistent and very creative. He is an excellent example of an artist
who has developed a recognizable style and personal voice.”

Scott Ligon- Digital Art Revolution

“Pierre-Paul Pariseau is a self-taught artist and illustrator with an impressive portfolio....
using mainly surreal images which are a blend of cutouts rendered in b/w, touches of
water-colour, acrylic paint and pen, all wrapped up in vivid colors; resulting in
compelling narrative visuals, strong concepts and funny ideas.”

Adam Beneke- Twenty2wo magazine

“Buzzing with vivid colors and an endless array of images, his mixed media work is bold and

Jason Behrends- What to wear during an orange alert